Our First Initiative

The Akyem Abuakwa Kingdom, ruled by His Majesty the Okyenhene, is comprised of 6 out of the 14 districts of the Eastern Region in Ghana. It occupies a total land area of about 5,204 square kilometers or about 1.285 million acres of land and has an estimated population of 950,000. The land in the Kingdom has clear title dating back to the early 1920s. Of the approximately 750 villages in the Kingdom, our focus will be on the approximately 731 most rural and disconnected villages that each has less than 5,000 people per village.

Vast Land Resources

The land resources of the Kingdom have much to offer in terms of developing businesses in renewable energy, cash crops and livestock management even though it has suffered from deforestation and illegal mining operations. We have selected an initial location of about 12,000 acres of deforested land in the southernmost region of the Kingdom. We will help to reforest the land and help establish cash crops and various forms of livestock through the development of a renewable power generation facility.

image: Village Coprs BioPower Board Chair Kofi Appenteng A with Yakoko Village chief.


Innovative Power Generation

We have first chosen to develop a renewable energy facility such as solar or biomass power. We have conducted a wide variety of assessments to determine that we can build a ‘zero net emissions’ 20MW power station that combusts locally grown giant bamboo to make electricity. Since bamboo grows back to full size within 9-12 months and only about 30% of a bamboo plant is harvested, we achieve ‘net zero emissions’. We will either sell the power to the Electric Company of Ghana and/or to a large multinational company operating in the region through a long-term purchase agreement.


Exponential Impact

Upon securing our financing, we will immediately fund the Community Development Trust with the land lease payment. This is done to begin implementing community impact solutions. Our bamboo renewable electricity project will create hundreds of permanent jobs planting and then harvesting bamboo year round, for the 30+ year life of the power station. By planting new giant bamboo farms, we will help with reforestation of a deforested area that will help establish a much healthier bio-habitat. A healthier ecosystem helps with the cultivation of organic cash crops and livestock that should command a premium in the marketplace, creating hundreds more permanent jobs.

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